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The following list shows the approved core courses divided by areas. The courses are described in the University of Houston Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog.

Core Area A: Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer

MECE 6333: Conduction and Radiation
MECE 6334: Convection Heat Transfer
MECE 6335: Heat Transfer with Phase Change
MECE 6336: Engineering Heat Transfer
MECE 6345: Fluid Dynamics 1
MECE 6349: Hydro/Aerodynamics
MECE 6353: Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics 1
MECE 6357: Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics 2
CHEE 6333: Transport Processes

Core Area B: Structural Mechanics and Materials

MECE 6358: Superconductor Materials
MECE 6361: Mechanical Behavior or Materials
MECE 6364: Phase Transformation of Materials
MECE 6377: Continuum Mechanics I
MECE 6382: Theory of Elasticity
MECE 6387: Intelligent Structural Systems
MECE 6398: Mechanics of Composites
MECE 7377: Microstructural Electron Microscopy
ECE 6306: Introduction to Nanotechnology
CHEE 6320: Introduction to Nanomaterials Engineering
CIVE 6337: Matrix Analysis of Structures
CIVE 6355: Introduction to Dynamics of Structures
CIVE 7336: Finite Element Methods

Core Area C: Controls and Dynamics

MECE 6367: Control System Analysis and Design
MECE 6374: Nonlinear Control Systems
MECE 6366: Flight Control Systems
MECE 6388: Optimal Control Theory
MECE 6389: Linear Matrix Inequality Control
MECE 7361: System Identification
MECE 7362: Robust Multivariable Control
MECE 7375: Control of Smart Structures
ECE 6305: Power Electronics Controls
ECE 6311: Introduction to Robotics
ECE 6313: Neural Networks
ECE 6325: State-Space Control Systems
ECE 6329: Power Systems Protection, Monitoring and Control
ECE 6335: Digital Control Systems
ECE 6342: Digital Signal Processing
ECE 6356: Introduction to Machine Learning
ECE 6390: Linear Multivariable Control Systems
CHEE 6367: Advanced Process Control
PHYS 6309: Advanced Mechanics I
PHYS 7308: Space and Atmospheric Physics
PHYS 7311: Advanced Mechanics II: Nonlinear Dynamics

Elective Courses

The following list shows approved elective courses of the program. Other graduate courses can be applied to the program as elective courses subject to the approval of the Program Director.

MECE 6363: Physical Metallurgy
MECE 6384: Methods of Applied Mathematics I
MECE 6385: Methods of Applied Mathematics II
SPAC 6201: Man Systems Integration
SPAC 6401: Space Systems Technology Studio
SPAC 6203: Spacecraft and Habitat Design
SPAC 6403: Mission Planning and Analysis
SPAC 6404: Mission Planning and Analysis II
SPAC 6405: Advanced Design and Analysis
ELEE 6315: Neural Computation
ELEE 6331: Advanced Telecommunications
ELEE 6333: Signal Detection and Estimation Theory
ELEE 6336: Advanced Microprocessor Systems
ELEE 6337: Stochastic Processes Signal Processing
ELEE 6367: Computer Architecture and Design
INDE 6332: Engineering Project Management
INDE 6336: Reliability Engineering
INDE 6337: Human Factors Systems Engineering
INDE 6365: Engineering Economy
INDE 6386: Innovation management and Entrepreneurship
INDE 7383: Systems Engineering
PHYS 6303: Methods of Mathematical Physics I
PHYS 6354: Methods of Mathematical Physics II
PHYS 7324: Plasma Physics