The following list shows the approved core courses divided by areas. The courses are described in the University of Houston Graduate and Professional Studies Catalog. Also, approved courses offered by the University of Houston Clear Lake (UH-CL) are listed.

Core Area A: Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer

MECE 5312: Computational Fluid Dynamics I
MECE 5361: Introduction to Compressible Flow
MECE 5363: Fluid Mechanics
MECE 6333: Conduction and Radiation
MECE 6334: Convection Heat Transfer
MECE 6341: Viscous Flow Theory
MECE 6342: Potential Flow Around Bodies
MECE 6343: Boundary Layers
MECE 6344: Turbulent Flows
MECE 6347: Low Speed Aerodynamics
MECE 6349: Hydro/Aerodynamics
MECE 6353: Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics

Core Area B: Structural Mechanics and Materials

MECE 5307: Fracture of Structural Materials
MECE 5332: Introduction to Continuum Mechanics
MECE 5371: Vibration Analysis
MECE 6320: Composite Materials
MECE 6321: Polymer Materials and Mechanics
MECE 6322: Polymer Viscoelasticity and Failure
MECE 6351: Finite Element Analysis in Engineering Sciences I
MECE 6361: Mechanical Behavior of Materials
MECE 6365: Stress Waves in Continuous Media
MECE 6377: Continuum Mechanics I
MECE 6382: Theory of Elasticity I
MECE 6387: Intelligent Structural Systems
MECE 6390: Modern Techniques in Structural Dynamics
MECE 7320: Micromechanics of Composite Materials
MECE 7321: Mechanics of Composite Materials and Structures
MECE 7322: Damage & Failure Mechanics of Composite Materials
MECE 7370: Flow and Fracture of Solids
MECE 7371: Advanced Fracture Mechanics
MECE 7378: Finite Elasticity
MECE 7379: Continuum Mechanics II

Core Area C: Controls and Dynamics

MECE 5367: Control System Analysis and Design
MECE 5387: Intermediate Dynamics
MECE 6362: Advanced Dynamics
MECE 6367: Flight Control Systems Design
MECE 6388: Optimal Control Theory
MECE 6389: Linear Matrix Inequality Control
MECE 6369: Nonlinear Control Systems Design
MECE 7360: Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
MECE 7375: Control of Smart Structures
ECE 6310: Robotics: Models, Controls, and Sensors
ECE 6325: State-Space Control Systems
ECE 6335: Digital Control Systems
ECE 6390: Linear Multivariable Control Systems
ECE 6394: Control System Component Design
ECE 7333: Optimal Control Systems
ECE 7334: Advanced Digital Control Systems
ECE 7335: Robust Control Systems
CENG 6533: Robotics (UH-CL)
PHYS 6309: Advanced Mechanics I
PHYS 6311: Advanced Mechanics II: Nonlinear Dynamics
PHYS 7308: Space and Atmospheric Physics
PHYS 8307: Advanced Methods in Space and Atmospheric Physics

Elective Courses

The following list shows approved elective courses of the program. Other graduate elective courses can be applied to the program subject to the approval of the Program Director.

MECE 5339: Introduction to Engineering Alloys
MECE 5373: Computer-Based Resolution of Open Problems
MECE 6331: Advanced Classical Thermodynamics
MECE 6354: Spectral Methods for Partial Differential Equations
MECE 6355: Aero- and Hydro-acoustics
MECE 6373: Computer-Based Design Synthesis
MECE 6379: Computer Methods for Mechanical Design
ENGI 6362: Methods of Applied Mathematics I
ENGI 6363: Methods of Applied Mathematics II
CIVE 6349: Reliability and Safety of Structures
ELEE 6313: Neural Networks
ELEE 6315: Neural Computation
ELEE 6331: Advanced Telecommunications
ELEE 6333: Signal Detection and Estimation Theory
ELEE 6336: Advanced Microprocessor Systems
ELEE 6337: Introduction to Stochastic Processes
ELEE 6342: Digital Signal Processing
ELEE 6367: Computer Architecture and Design
ELEE 6375: Measurement and Analysis Techniques in Stochastic Processes
ELEE 6385: Analog Input/Output Design
INDE 6332: Engineering Project Management
INDE 6334: Statistical Decision Analysis and Design
INDE 6335: Engineering Administration
INDE 6336: Reliability and Quality Control
INDE 6337: Human Factors in Systems Design
INDE 6350: Design of Artificial Intelligence Systems
INDE 6364: Advanced Engineering Statistics
INDE 6369: Knowledge-Based Systems
INDE 6370: Operations Research: Digital Simulation
INDE 6372: Operations Research and Analysis of Systems
INDE 6373: Scheduling and Planning
INDE 6375: Logistics Engineering I
INDE 6385: Simulator Software Engineering
INDE 7331: Operations Research: Stochastic Processes
INDE 7332: Advance Mathematical Programming
INDE 7350: Multiobjective Optimization
INDE 7361: Industrial Robotics
INDE 7371: Nonlinear Optimization
PHYS 6131: Fundamentals of Astrodynamics (UH-CL)
PHYS 6231: Plasma Physics (UH-CL)
PHYS 6303: Methods of Mathematical Physics
PHYS 6304: Methods of Mathematical Physics II
PHYS 7324: Plasma Physics
ASTR 5431: Fundamentals of Astrodynamics (UH-CL)
ASTR 5432: Perturbation Methods in Astrodynamics (UH-CL)
ASTR 5431: Planetary Sciences (UH-CL)
SENG 5233: Systems Engineering Analysis and Modeling (UH-CL)
SWEN 5131: Software Engineering Tools (UH-CL)
SWEN 5431: Software Testing, Validation and Verification (UH-CL)
SWEN 5532: Software Safety (UH-CL)


Other courses can be accepted as electives with the approval or the Program Director.